Landmark West Enterprises, LLC is a leading real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition and re-positioning of residential and commercial real estate. Landmark accomplishes this primarily through rehabilitation or grounds up construction and effective management strategies.

Since 1989 Landmark West Enterprises, LLC has zeroed in on underutilized and troubling situations: multifamily, retail, office and industrial buildings, as opportunities to add value and new life to neglected properties and poorly run businesses.

Landmark West Enterprises, LLC carefully evaluates real estate trends and brings together a cross-section of disciplines that includes construction expertise coupled with entitlement processing, long term planning with municipal participation and investment syndication.

Ground up development, or more often than not – redevelopment means the creative destruction of buildings beyond their useful life. In a built-out area such as Los Angeles this is often the case, and Landmark West Enterprises, LLC has a keen eye for creating new building concepts that often help in the revitalizing of the block and the community at large.
At Landmark West, we take great pride in seeing a building that has been empty for years start to breathe new life again….the neon lights of a local eatery,….. the smiles of office workers eating lunch outside their new jobs….a young family moving into their first home together. We also highly value the relationships built over the years with realtors, industry professionals and those unsung heroes in local government employees who keep the wheels turning.

Always looking for the next challenge, you are invited to present any value-add opportunities you might have. You will be treated with respect, your project will be given a fair evaluation and without question, if you are a broker, you will be protected.